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Answer these 3 questions and you will nail your message.

Messaging for Health and Wellbeing Practitioners

Crafting your business message is crucial to get people to feel positively about your brand. And if you remember back to our last Health and Wellbeing post you will know that even as a one man/woman show, it’s important to know your business brand.

Your message should flow through all aspects of your business from the interactions your customers have in person right through to the look, feel and tone of your marketing material.

Messaging is more than words on a page. It is what you stand for and leads to why you are the person (BRAND) your client should choose.

The easiest way to craft your business message is by knowing the answer to the following three questions:

1.       What do you want people to KNOW about you?

2.       What do you want people to SAY about you?

3.       How do you want people to FEEL about you?

It’s as simple as that.

Every communication portal from here should work to reinforce these three things in the mind of your audience.

The tricky bit is properly assessing whether your communications actually achieve this goal.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Look at ALL of your communication material and experiences and see if each of these interactions is giving you the same answer to the above three questions.

–          Does the language you are using on your website/brochures/emails tell the same story?

–          Is your clinic waiting room and experience giving you the same story?

–          Is the process to book in with you reflecting this story?

–          Is your social media backing this story up?

–          Are your true local reviews telling this story? etc etc

If not, it’s time to get to work!

Customers will look for evidence to confirm the story is true before they begin to develop trust in you. Ensuring their experiences confirm the story is essential (providing evidence is a very important part of crafting your message – that’s why people use testimonials on websites).

Sometimes we can be completely oblivious to the messages we are giving out to others. And sometimes the story we intend to tell is actually a jumble of mixed messages to the recipient. Apart from checking to see if Mercury is in Retrograde, how do you know if this is happening?

Ask some clients!

Be open to what they tell you so you can make any necessary changes. The important part of messaging is about what people are receiving and if what your clients are receiving doesn't match with your intention – you need to make the changes.