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Looking for a PR job?

Dear Darling Communication Graduates,

I want you to succeed, I want to give you work but please throw me a bone and meet me half-way.

Yes, social media now rules the world. Yes, picking up the phone to confirm the name of the person you need to be addressing emails to is scary. And yes, it has become almost acceptable to claim to be an introvert and use this as an excuse to be rude. But if you actually want a job, there are some basic things you need to know. Things your university courses are clearly not telling you.

1.‘To whom it may concern…’

Nope. Never.

Do you really want a job in PR?

Why aren’t you googling us or calling to find out who’s name to put in the email? I can tell you a quick google and you’ll be able to work out who the hiring manager is in 5 minutes flat. We are a small crew. ‘To whom it may concern’ went out with hyper colour t-shirts back in the 90s (or was it 80s who really remembers?).

If this very basic principle of personalised professional communication is lost on you, you are in the wrong field.

2.Lazy application = Lazy employee and I don’t do lazy

We received an application for an internship this week where the guy had literally forwarded us the application he had sent to another agency. Complete with the FW: email timestamp and address of the company he had sent it to first. Yes, seriously.

I mean, COME ON!

I know you are blanketing the city with applications. You want a job. But please, at least pretend you have selected us for a reason. If you are that lazy and disrespectful looking for work, there is no way in hell I’d let you loose on my clients. 

3.Use the Email to pitch your story (yes you as the story).

Our admin email gets spam – most of it is suspected to be virus filled crap. This is why no attachments are opened unless we know for reals that the sender is actually a Nigerian Prince looking to transfer us $20 million USD.

Who are you? What are you looking for? What can you do for us?

Oh and put your contact details in the email (funnily enough yes, this includes your phone number).

4.If you are really keen – follow-up with a phone call

Yep, again I know we are in the age of internet and texts and talking on the phone is so, like, whatever. But here’s the thing – if you want to work for us, most of our clients are corporate. And guess what, they still use the phone A LOT. Part of our job is teaching them how to communicate in other ways.

I need people who have the skills to talk in meetings, talk on a phone and develop and deliver solid communication strategies. You need to show me you can do all these things. If the phone ain’t your thing, I totally get that. I know plenty of people who run their agencies completely sans phone – give me a ring and I’ll point you in their direction.

Try to meld a little of your energy, creativity and ability to nail a fad with some common sense and you're in with a shot. Help me hire you – because believe it or not, I totally LOVE working with Millenials. 

Wishing you much love and success. And no we aren’t hiring at the moment. Thanks for your interest and we will keep your resume on file.