Conscious Services:

Document Enhancement

I was fortunate to meet Collette just as we were starting a whole new direction for our business. Her advice and insight has been invaluable throughout our whole rebranding process. Collette has been skillful and deliberate in building, guiding and implementing our communications strategy.

Fantastic! The letter and back story are perfect. You have modelled my business in words that I have struggled to explain and put on paper. 

"Collette is a thoughtful and experienced communicator with a keen sense of strategy to serve her client's needs. With real world experience spanning both government and industry, she focuses on enduring outcomes rather than a short term fix."

Thanks Collette..I'm really happy with my new profile!!

“Our project impacted over 20,000 individuals and had the potential for significant industrial relations impacts. The strategy and communications that Collette implemented resulted in the project having no workforce issues and was a big contributor to the project’s success.”

Collette has been able to listen and identify the needs of my business and what is required to communicate about my skills and what it is that I do. She has helped me reorganise my business from the ground up.

E.Renaud, Masters and Mods Framing Co.

Greg Simpson, Trade Master Graphics

Rod Welford, CEO at Ensight Energy Solutions

B. George, LWC

A. Mcsherry, BMA

K.Gordon, Institute For Craniosacral Training

  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Layout and design

Writing tenders, programs and marketing material can take a huge amount of time away from running your business. Finding even more time to double check these documents before submission can be impossible.

Let us help you!

By having one of our communications specialists review your work, you can ensure:

  • your writing speaks to your target audience rather than confusing them
  • you are being consistent with your corporate message
  • you are meeting the objectives of the document
  • you are not sending out documents containing errors
  • you look on paper, as professional as you are in person.

Ensuring your tenders, proposals and marketing material are on message is essential. Nothing can let your professional image down more in the eyes of a client, than reading a tender or client program and spotting spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or mixed messages.

Your competitors are certainly putting the effort in, so don’t leave your business behind the starting line, a small investment now could pay huge dividends in the future. Contact Us.